The Service Dilemma [eBook]

I’m delighted to make available our new publication “The Services Dilemma” as a free eBook download.


The Services Transformation and the algorithmic revolution

A fundamental, multi-tiered transformation of services is underway. It is so pervasive and of such scope that it entails a transformation of global competitive economics. First of all, it is part of a dynamic in the global economy, which not only adds to the relative growth of services, but leads to most businesses integrating a services component into their business model. Secondly, the very nature of services is being transformed, driven by developments in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) tools, the uses to which they are being put, and the networks on which they run. Finally, there is an emerging strategic challenge for services companies that are using ICT to ad- dress the classical productivity challenge in services, concerning the need to avoid commoditization.

The consequences of this fundamental transformation of services impact the nature and the distribution of jobs globally; they change the strategic requirements for success in all kinds of businesses and they pose significant new challenges for economic policy.

In this white book, we will map the entirety of the services transformation and its implication for services innovation. We will be discussing the strategic business choices that are being posed—in some core sections and case studies with a particular focus on smaller services companies—as well as some key public policy challenges.